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LABOAO specializes in the research, development, production and sales of high-end biomedical consumables and laboratory auxiliary instruments, and is committed to providing global customers with high-quality consumables and customized services in molecular diagnosis, cell culture, immunotherapy, etc. It has a group of outstanding management and technical talents who strive for excellence and constantly pursue progress and innovation. After 15 years of hard work, it has achieved sustainable and steady development. Products are widely used in life sciences, pharmaceutical industry, environmental protection, food safety, government agencies and clinical medicine and other fields. The products sell well in more than 50 countries around the world. LABOAO brand has enjoyed a good reputation in the domestic and international markets.

LABOAO regards product quality as the vitality of the enterprise, and has established a set of strict internal quality control system in accordance with international quality standards. It has passed ISO13485 and product CE certification, and selects high-quality imported raw materials. , with GMP-style process management, batch-by-batch quality inspection from raw materials to finished products, focusing on the production of high-quality products, ensuring the authenticity and effectiveness of experimental testing data, and making products more competitive with high cost performance.


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  • Precautions For The Use Of Cryovials

    Precautions For The Use Of Cryovials

    Cryopreservation tubes are also known as strain storage tubes, magnetic bead storage tubes, and magnetic bead cryopreservation tubes. The commonly used strain preservation methods in the microbiology laboratory include the milk method, the glycerol method, and the slant method. The complexity varies greatly, and the effect varies greatly. At present, most laboratories in China make their own strain preservation tubes, which not only increases the work intensity, but also due to various conditions, the strain preservation effect is not always satisfactory. Therefore, it is necessary to master the use of cryopreservation tubes and some precautions, so as to play a great role.
  • Why Do Petri Dishes Need To Be Inverted?

    Why Do Petri Dishes Need To Be Inverted?

    A bacterial culture dish is a laboratory vessel for microbial or cell culture, consisting of a flat disc-shaped bottom and a lid, generally made of glass or plastic. The materials of bacterial culture dishes are basically divided into two categories, mainly plastic and glass. Glass can be used for plant material, microbial culture and adherent culture of animal cells. The plastic ones may be polyethylene materials, which are disposable and multiple-use, suitable for laboratory inoculation, streaking, and bacterial isolation operations, and can be used for the cultivation of plant materials.
  • What Are The Types Of Centrifuge Tubes?

    What Are The Types Of Centrifuge Tubes?

    There are many kinds of materials for making centrifuge tubes, but the corrosion resistance of various materials to various solutions is different.