Precautions For The Use Of Pipettes

2022-03-08 12:06:56
Precautions For The Use Of Pipettes
A pipette, also known as a pipette gun, is an instrument for quantitatively transferring liquids and is widely used in biology, chemistry and other fields and in clinical diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, pharmacy and chemistry laboratories, environmental laboratories, A common tool in the food laboratory, there are commonly used manual adjustable pipettes and electric ones, and there are many optional specifications depending on the volume of liquid to be pipetted.

Precautions for the use of pipettes

(1) When sucking the liquid, the thumb must be released slowly and steadily, and it is not allowed to release suddenly, in order to prevent the solution from being sucked too fast and rushing into the liquid dispenser to corrode the plunger and cause air leakage.

(2) In order to obtain higher accuracy, the tip needs to absorb the sample solution once in advance, and then formally pipette, because when sucking serum protein solution or organic solvent, a layer of "liquid film" will remain on the inner wall of the tip, resulting in drainage. The amount is too small to cause errors.

(3) Liquids with high concentration and viscosity will produce errors. In order to eliminate the compensation amount of the error, the amount of compensation can be determined by experiments. The amount of compensation can be set by changing the reading of the reading window by adjusting the knob.

(4) The liquid dispenser can be calibrated by weighing and calculating the weight of the pure water taken with an analytical balance. 1 mL of distilled water weighs 0.9982 g at 20°C.

(5) The method of repeatedly hitting the pipette to tighten the pipette is very inadvisable. Long-term operation will loosen the internal parts and damage the pipette.

(6) Do not pipette when the pipette is not equipped with a tip.

(7) When setting the range, please pay attention? Rotate to the desired range? The number is clear in the display window? The set range is within the range of the pipette. Do not turn the button out of the range, otherwise the mechanical device will be stuck. Damaged pipette.

(8) The pipette is strictly prohibited to absorb highly volatile and corrosive liquids (such as concentrated acid, concentrated alkali, organic matter, etc.).

(9) It is strictly forbidden to use a pipette to mix the liquid.

(10) Do not use a large-scale pipette to remove small volumes of liquid, so as not to affect the accuracy. At the same time, if you need to pipette a larger amount of liquid outside the range, please use a pipette for operation.