How To Properly Clean The Bacteria Culture Dish?

2022-03-07 18:21:43
How To Properly Clean The Bacteria Culture Dish?
A bacterial culture dish is a laboratory vessel used for microbial or cell culture, consisting of a flat disc-shaped bottom and a lid, generally made of glass or plastic. The materials of bacterial culture dishes are basically divided into two categories, mainly plastic and glass. Glass can be used for plant materials, microbial culture and adherent culture of animal cells. The plastic ones may be polyethylene materials, which are disposable and multiple-use, suitable for laboratory inoculation, streaking, and bacterial isolation operations, and can be used for the cultivation of plant materials.

Petri dishes consist of a bottom and a lid. It is a chemical device used for culturing bacteria. Usually made of glass or plastic.

Cleaning steps for bacterial culture dishes:

Generally, it goes through four steps of soaking, brushing, pickling, and cleaning.

1. Soaking: New or used glassware should be soaked in water first to soften and dissolve the attachments. Before using the new glassware, simply brush it with tap water, and then soak it in 5% hydrochloric acid overnight; the used glassware often has a large amount of protein and oil attached, which is not easy to wash off after drying, so the bacterial culture dish should be immersed in water immediately after use. Ready for scrubbing.

2. Brushing: Put the soaked glassware in the detergent water and brush repeatedly with a soft brush. Do not leave dead corners and prevent damage to the surface finish of the utensils. Wash and dry the cleaned glassware for pickling.

3. Pickling: Pickling is to soak the above-mentioned utensils in a cleaning solution, also known as acid solution, to remove possible residual substances on the surface of the utensils through the strong oxidation of the acid solution. Pickling should not be less than six hours, usually overnight or longer. Be careful when handling utensils.

4. Rinse: The utensils after brushing and pickling must be fully rinsed with water. Whether the utensils are rinsed clean after pickling directly affects the success or failure of cell culture. Bacterial petri dishes should be washed by hand after acid soaking, and each vessel should be "filled with water-empty" repeatedly for at least 15 times, then soaked with re-distilled water for 2-3 times, dried or dried and packaged for later use.