Virus Collection And Preservation System Inactivated
Virus Collection And Preservation System Inactivated

Virus Collection And Preservation System Inactivated

The swab is adapted to collection and later separation for virus of flu, Bird flu, Hand-foot and mouth disease, measles etc. It is also adapted to collection and tranport for Viruses, such as Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma specimens. Generally collect specimen from: Oral cavity, throat, nasopharynx, anus etc. System components: Flocked swab, Virus preservation medium and Biohazard bag.
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Flocked Swab

The flocked swab adopts innovative technology of nylon fiber spray implantation to maximize the sampling efficiency of the sampling swab. The nylon is adhered vertically and uniformly on the surface of swab tip, which can improve the efficiency of collecting and releasing cells and liquid samples. Improve analytical sensitivity, No specimen residual and can accelerate the specimen treatment. ABS sticker is easy to break off. Adapted to cervix uteri, nasopharynx,oral cavity, Forensic Acquisition System and DNA collecting etc. Individual packed.

★ Higher sampling rate

★ Faster and complete release of samples

★ Enhance the sensitivity of diagnosis

★ Easy breakpoint design

Virus Storage Tube

Tube body and cap are made by medical grade Polypropylene, No deformation after HTHP (121°C, 15min), no embrittlement under low temperature (-196°C). it can bear static extrusion and dynamicimpact. Taper bottom design makes it bear centrifugation and shaking. Leakage proof. Available with non-pyrogenic and DNase/RNase-free

Preservation Medium (Non-inactivated)

The tube contains 3ml-6ml of preservation medium, According to vast test of the influence to cells among Basic liquid, buffer system, protein stabilizer, freezing protective agent, amino acid, etc. We summarize a formula which is most applicable for the virus storage. It can keep a high efficiency for virus storage, and largely increase the positive rate of virus culture. Glass bead inside foreasy elution, it can make more microorganism such as virus release to the storage media.

★ Upgraded preservation medium based on international standards has good bacteriostatic performance and efficient storage, which greatly improves the positive rate of virus isolation.


1. The innovative jet implanted nylon fiber technology maximizes the sampling efficiency of the sampling swab. The nylon fiber is vertically and evenly attached to the surface of the swab head, which greatly increases the collection and release efficiency of cell and virus samples. Improve analytical sensitivity, no specimen residue, speed up the process of specimen processing, the unique breakable design of ABS plastic rod. It is suitable for the collection of cervix, nasopharynx, oral throat and forensic samples, virus, DNA and other samples.

2. The upright nylon fibers are like a soft brush to collect more specimens. The capillary action between nylon fibers enhances the loading of aqueous samples, and the samples are concentrated on the surface of the swab for easier elution.

3. It has excellent sample collection and release capabilities, can quickly adsorb trace samples, and has high release efficiency. An increase in the number of target cells could help improve the sensitivity of rapid diagnostic tests.

4. Flocking swabs have obvious advantages in nasopharyngeal sampling, microbial sampling, especially in the collection of viruses and DNA.

5. 100,000-level purification environment, strict production process conditions, production under ISO13485 quality control and product CE requirements. DNase and RNase-free, endotoxin-free, and cytostatic.



Tube:   PP


Tip:   Nylon flocked

Tube:   Φ13*84mm

Swab: 150mm

25pcs/box,   10boxes/case